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Rent to buy

Hudson Properties is one of the few Management Services to offer "Rent to Buy" options on many of our properties.

There is no obligation to rent to buy when renting with the optional "Rent to Buy" program.

what clients have said about our rent to buy option

"I would not have been able to save the down payment and closing costs if it were not for the Option to buy program of Hudson Properties! Thank you Hudson Properties!"
 "Hudson Properties option to buy program worked great! When it was time for my husband and I to close we had a credit toward our closing costs in the amount of $3,050.00!"
 "The Option to buy program worked just as Hudson Properties said it would. By the time we received our deposit back and the accrued rebate, we had enough to cover the cost of the closing costs and down payment."


What is Hudson Properties Rent to Buy Option?

An option to buy is where the owner of the property offers the tenant the right to purchase the home anytime within the next 24 months. The home cannot be sold "out from under" the tenant.

What happens if the tenant decides to buy within the 24 month time frame?

Hudson Properties will credit the tenant a $100 per month credit toward the purchase of the home. If the home is purchased in the 24th month the tenant will have a $2,400.00 credit coming from Hudson Properties. It is our way of helping you save the down payment without you having to save for a down payment!

What happens if tenant does not exercise the option within the 24 month time frame?

There is absolutely no obligation for the tenant to purchase the home. If the tenant chooses not to purchase the home all rental payments will be treated just as rental payments.

Does every tenant get an option to buy?

No, you do not have to rent with the Option to Buy. However, if you so desire, inform us of this on your application form.